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Authentic Futsal Development

We are bringing players straight to the source -- immersing them in true Futsal culture.

Futsal as a "fluent language"

Learning a new language is always best through being fully immersed in the environment and culture. This program provides direct access to real/authentic Futsal in it’s native south american environment.

International Futsal Immersion

We partner with local, Futsal academies to embed each player as one of their own.

2-4 intense weeks of training

The player + parent/supervisor are housed in condos/apartments with other players/parents. Each player is enrolled in various Futbol de Salon schools. Training is typically twice daily.


Support Staff

The support staff resume includes a FIFA Futsal World Cup veteran and current members of the Colombian National Team, along with a professional league stars and rising league players.

World class free-style training

Capoeira sessions
Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music

Attendance of professional team matches

Training sessions
All while being integrated into the daily Colombian culture

You're Excited -- We're Excited

"These trips have greatly contributed to their development as players and as individuals."

by Roderick Gee

"I look forward to returning on this trip with my entire family. The soccer and futsal training is sincerely second to none."

by Clay Hellner, DVM

"Wes joined teams that were a year or two older and based on his training with coach G he was "lock step" with the best of the kids which was quite impressive to watch."

by M. Atoyebi

Extended Immersion Option

2 / 4 Week Trips

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